My Top 1000 Songs #140: Waterloo Sunset

Another one that feels kinda obligatory, like obviously if you're counting off your favorite songs, at some point you need to figure in where you're going to slot in "Waterloo Sunset." It's a little hard to get too excited. It's fun to tell the world why something a little left-field, be it INXS's "Don't Change" or Amy Rigby's "Don't Ever Change" (cute what I did there, no?), fills you with so much emotion. But "Waterloo Sunset"? What else is new?

I don't pull out 1967's Something Else all that often; when I'm in the mood for some Kinks (which is often), I tend to start with 1968's Village Green and work my way forward. But every now and then I reach back just a little further, and then "Waterloo Sunset" comes on, and I'm reminded that "Waterloo Sunset" is just ridiculously amazing.

Live in '73:
David Bowie version:
Paul Weller with Ray Davies: