Season's Greetings 2022: A Mix For You

Back in my law firm days, when we reached the holiday season, most partners would send a bottle of wine or gift basket to clients. But that seemed too clichéd. Me? I'd send them mix CDs. (Yeah, I'd rather get a bottle of wine, too; but it seemed a little more interesting at the time.) 

The challenge, of course, was coming up with a blend of songs that would be acceptable to a usually older, more staid crowd than would generally appreciate my personal taste, but without falling back on too many dull old chestnuts. And I wanted something that was secular, but would at least sound holiday-friendly as the chills of December rolled in and people were huddled by the fireplace or Christmas tree or menorah or whatever.

Most clients seemed to appreciate the gesture, though by my last year or two at the firm, CD players were being phased out, and I assumed my gifts were being used primarily as drink coasters (at best). 

Anyway, I'm retired now, but last year decided I should pick up the practice, albeit as Spotify playlists which I could share with friends online. So here's what I've come up with for 2022. Enjoy!