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New Order: 1981-1982 EP (1982)

The Raveonettes: Chain Gang Of Love (2003)

Game Theory: Real Nighttime (1985)

Real Estate: In Mind (2017)

The American Dream: S/T (1970)

U2: Achtung Baby (1991)

Medicine: Shot Forth Self Living (1992)

Look Blue Go Purple: Compilation (1991)

The House Of Love: S/T (1988)

The Kinks: Lola Versus Powerman... (1970)

Dead Milkmen: Big Lizard In My Backyard (1985)

The Minders: Cul-De-Sacs And Dead Ends (1999)

The Clash: Sandinista! (1980)

David Gilmour: S/T (1978)

Kiwi Jr.: Football Money (2020)

Various Artists: If I Were A Carpenter (1994)

The Wonder Stuff: Eight Legged Groove Machine (1988)

Hey, I Made You A Mix...