A Girl Called Eddy: Been Around (2020)

It's kinda funny. As middle age creeps into my life, I find myself increasingly drawn to the sort of music I shunned in my youth, the same kitsch my parents used to play while I was up in my room cranking Who's Next. And, no, it doesn't mean I'm blaring the Carpenters from the car windows, but I'm a lot more open to the softer side of early '70s music than I would have anticipated.  Or at least that music as interpreted by modern rockers.

Here's a brand new album that has totally captivated me.  Erin Moran has intermittently recorded music over the past couple decades in various guises; this is her second album as A Girl Called Eddy (the last coming out way back in 2004).  And it's terrific, a nice pastiche of Todd Rundgren and Burt Bacharach and Carole King and Laura Nyro, with occasional touches of Steely Dan's smooth jazz-tinged classic rock.  Which doesn't mean it sounds dated; it fits in squarely alongside other contemporary singer-songwriters from Aimee Mann to Shawn Colvin.  But there's a familiar, retro vibe (often in the form of some nice brassy back-up orchestration) that provides a pleasant shading and sets it apart from other folk-tinged women singers. It's a perfectly pleasant accompaniment for Sunday morning brunch or a dinner party (and, yeah, I guess I've reached the age where I need music for Sunday morning brunch and dinner parties).

While it's the sort of album that, perhaps by design, often bleeds together, there are a few songs that jump out on first or second listen.  "Two Hearts" has a nice jaunty beat and breaks out into a fully engaging chorus, a big band and harmonies making the song just bounce; "Jody" has a catchy and nostalgic feel to it; "Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart" is slick middle-of-the-road pop, yet somehow without the baggage that entails; "Come To The Palisades" sounds like a terrific Tapestry outtake.  Anyway, charge up your own dinner party and give it a shot.

Here's the video for "Someone's Gonna Break Your Heart":
Here's the video for the title track:
...and an audio rip of "Jody":


  1. Weird, I've been doing the same thing the last year or two, even going so far as to learn Neil Sedaka's Laughter in the Rain on guitar and using the cover of Tapestry for a class lesson on feminism. What's your take on Gordon Lightfoot, say?

    Getting closer to 50 than 40 probably has something to do with it, as perhaps does following Elvis Costello's catalogue into the 80s, and of course the centrifugal power of YouTube.


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