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The Fall: Bend Sinister (a.k.a. Domesday Pay Off Triad Plus!) (1986)

Brinsley Schwarz: Brinsley Schwarz (1970)

The Vulgar Boatmen: You And Your Sister (1989)

Guided By Voices: Bee Thousand (1994)

Tomorrow: Tomorrow (1968)

Scruffy The Cat: High Octane Revival EP (1986)

The Velvet Underground: Squeeze (1973)

The Pillbugs: The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream (2003)

The Spongetones: Beat Music (1982)

The Dream Syndicate: How Did I Find Myself Here? (2017)

July, July (1968)

Katrina & The Waves: Walking On Sunshine (1983)

Stereolab: Mars Audiac Quintet (1994)

Camper Van Beethoven: Telephone Free Landslide Victory (1985)

Genesis: Trespass (1970)

Flavor Crystals: Ambergris (2007)

The Doors: Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine (1972)

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: Junk Culture (1984)

Nick Drake: Bryter Later (1971)