NOT The Pitchfork 200

Jumping the gun by a few months, Pitchfork has gone and posted its 200 Best Songs of the 2010s list (followed shortly thereafter by the 200 Best Albums of the 2010s). Naturally, these generated the usual social media blowback.  I can't really join the fray in attacking the lists, as, frankly, I've never heard of (much less heard) many of the inclusions.  It's kind of like the popular kids at junior high telling everyone else what's cool, and I'm sitting over at the nerd table on the side of the cafeteria.  But it's pretty evident that Pitchkfork is not terribly into boys & girls with noisy electric guitars as a genre these days, which kinda leaves me out in the cold.

So I made a quick run at my own list; subject to further revisions, of course, here are my Top 40 Songs of the 2010s, which I think has a total of ZERO overlap with the Pitchfork list, so there.

The Spotify playlist is below for your listening enjoyment (or not), but for those not Spotify-enabled, here's my list: 

40. I'm Writing A Novel (Father John Misty)
39. Do You One Better (Mike Adams at his Honest Weight)
38. Style (Taylor Swift)
37. Um Chagga Lagga (Pixies)
36. Motor City Steel (The Dandy Warhols)
35. Pleaser (The Glands)
34. Time In Common (Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever)
33. Ain't That Something (Trashcan Sinatras)
32. Warts (Hinds)
31. Stained Glass (Real Estate)
30. My Gap Feels Weird (Superchunk)
29. My Buddy Valentine (Mary Lou Lord)

28. Strange Glue (The Dreaming Spires)
27. Big Winter Jacket (Cayucas)
26. Death Proof (Kate Nash)
25. Lonely Boy (The Black Keys)
24. Romance (Wild Flag)
23. Options (Gomez)
22. Mildenhall (The Shins)
21. Rill Rill (Sleigh Bells)
20. Circuital (My Morning Jacket)
19. 80 West (Dream Syndicate)
18. Start Again (Bishop Allen)
17. Percolator (Charly Bliss)
16. Creature Comfort (Arcade Fire)
15. Depreston (Courtney Barnett)
14. Feeling OK (Best Coast)
13. Class Clown Spots A UFO (Guided by Voices)
12. Diane Young (Vampire Weekend)
11. Girl With The Black Tights (Dylan in the Movies w/ Tanya Donnelly)
10. Silver (Waxahatchee)
9. Used To Be A Cop (Drive-By Truckers)
8. Dominoes In Drag (The Paranoid Style)
7. Crash Years (New Pornographers)
6. Ohm (Yo La Tengo)
5. If You Wanna (The Vaccines)
4. Lollipop (Alvvays)
3. Future Me Hates Me (The Beths)
2. Getting Ready To Get Down (Josh Ritter)
1. The House That Heaven Built (Japandroids)