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Best Coast, California Nights (2015)

The Soft Boys, Underwater Moonlight (1980)

The Who: Odds & Sods (1974)

Ambulance LTD, Ambulance LTD (2004)

The Bats, Daddy's Highway (1987)

Grateful Dead, American Beauty (1970)

The Psychedelic Furs, Forever Now (1982)

Waxahatchee: Out In The Storm (2017)

David Bowie: The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust... (1972)

Matthew Sweet, 100% Fun (1995)

The Byrds, The Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968)

The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses (1989)

Interlude: It's Sunday, So I'm Spying On Yer Spotify Again

My Morning Jacket, Z (2005)

Sweet: Desolation Boulevard (1974/1975)

Anna Burch: Quit The Curse (2018)

Wilco: Summerteeth (1999)

The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground (1969)

Amy Rigby, Diary Of A Mod Housewife (1996)

The Jam: The Gift (1982)