Interlude: It's Sunday, So I'm Spying On Yer Spotify Again

Once again, time for me to get all creepy on ya and see what my Facebook friends are listening to on Spotify:
  • Ann S -- The Smiths, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: I have mixed feelings on the Smiths.  I love the sound of Marr's guitars, and the overall vibe of the band, and you can't deny Morrissey's clever turn of a phrase.  But I also find a little Smiths goes a long way.  I made a single-cdr mix of all their best songs and it's pretty much all I need.  Plus Morrissey is apparently something of a racist psycho these days.
  • Rob S -- Britney Spears, Stronger:  I probably shouldn't ask.  Oh, fuck, now this is stuck in my head.
  • Ilene L -- Bruce Springsteen, Wrecking Ball.  Yep.  Definitely one of his strongest late-period songs.
  • Ion M -- Bubblegum Lemonade, She Only Smiles For You.  Funny, I was just checking this album out earlier this week.  The band sounds exactly like their name suggests, charming soft bubblegum pop; I couldn't get into the album, but this song is lovely.  Maybe I need to give them another shot.
  • Cliff N -- Juke Ross, Burned By The Love.  I don't know who this is.  Nice enough, though it sounds like it was written for an iPhone or Volkswagen commercial.
  • Kent S -- Miracle Legion, All For The Best.  This is one of my favorite songs ever.

Here's a video for that Miracle Legion song, 'cuz damn, I love this song.