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Look Blue Go Purple: Compilation (1991)

New Zealand's oddly-named Look Blue Go Purple were part of the stable of fantastic bands on the Flying Nun label.  Like label-mates the Bats (and, to a lesser extent, the Clean), LBGP offered jangly post-garage band rock, though more folky and restrained, dominated by acoustic guitars and organ strains (with the occasional flute).  Most notably, unlike the (mostly) boys club of the Flying Nun bands, LBGP were an all-women ensemble, though wispy vocals aside they remained sonically similar to some of their peers.  If the Bats' pastoral jangle resembled the Feelies circa the Good Earth, LBGP seemed to presage Feelies offshoot Speed the Plough.

Compilation combines the band's three EPs, released between '85 and '88.  (A later collection, Still Bewitched, reprised those tracks and added some live cuts.)

Much of this is more atmospheric than hooky, a backdrop of mellow, folky indie rock, though a few tunes stand out.  "Cactus Cat" is as close as they came to a p…

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