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Top 10 Live Albums (Continued)

Time now for Part Two of my review of some of my favorite live albums, designed to help fill the time while concert tours are shut down during the pandemic lock-down.  (What, haven't seen Part One yet?)

6. The Clash: Live At Shea Stadium
London Calling has long been one of my top 3 albums, if not my absolute favorite; yet despite the Clash's unique ability to derive stunning levels of excitement from the studio environment, they're still able to take it up a notch on stage.  This is the band's lone official full-length concert release, and it's pretty great, with a solid collection of hits from across their career.  It's not perfect -- it's from a 1982 show, late in their career, lacking some of the frenetic joy of earlier performances; it's also from a gig opening for the Who, so not as long a performance as if they were headlining.  But it's still an essential look at the band as a live monster.  It's also worth checking out their other official…

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Top 10 Live Albums

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