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Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets: Live at the Roundhouse (2020)

Yes, I appreciate the anomaly of buying a live album from a tribute band, when there is plenty of music available from the real thing. (I say this as the proud owner of countless live shows from Joe Russo's Almost Dead and other touring bands that recreate the live Dead experience.) And while Saucerful of Secrets is helmed by original Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, it's essentially a pick-up band of musicians playing Floyd songs. But so what. I saw the show when it hit San Francisco last year, and it was one of the best times I'd had at a concert in quite awhile. And now I can upgrade my unofficial recording of the show with a clean, shiny, official document, a newly-released DVD/CD of one of last year's UK shows (and since the setlist was largely unvarying over the course of the tour, with little improv, there's not much need for more than one).The main appeal of the concert (and this recording) is that Mason opted to draw the setlist entirely from the band's …

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