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Pilot: From The Album Of The Same Name (1974)

I've never understood why Pilot has failed to garner the level of respect of like-minded 70s power pop bands like Badfinger and the Raspberries. And no, the Scottish band is not in the same league as Badfinger, but they mine the same McCartneyesque orchestrated pop territory, and at least on this, their debut, fairly successfully.

Pilot are probably best remembered as the one-hit wonder behind "Magic." And let's face it, while the power of that song may have been diluted by overuse in recent years on movie soundtracks and commercials, it's a pretty fantastic pop song. It was popular when I was first discovering Top 40 radio as a pre-teen, so perhaps I have some nostalgic bias, but I do think, pop culture saturation aside, it's objectively great, an era stand-out.

And although nothing else on the album is quite as memorable, there's still plenty of decent music here. It's at times a bit baroque, reminiscent of the Beatlesque prog-pop of Klaatu, though it…

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