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Love: Forever Changes (1967)

Dipping back into the 60s psyche today, of the (relatively) non-obscure variety. Though while Love's third album is these days considered one of the true greats of the psychedelic era, you still don't see Love getting a ton of... well, love... outside the rock snob crowd. Which is a shame, because it's a simply... damn, gonna say it... lovely album.

Like a lot of US music from the Summer of Love era, this one's much more folk-oriented than the deliberately trippy post-Sgt. Pepper/Piper at the Gates British releases of the age. It's also more orchestrated and lush, almost adult-oriented sunshine pop. Still, the artistry is in full bloom, making it far more interesting than mere 60s pop music.

The opening track, "Alone Again Or," is the big hit, the song that deserves to completely permeate classic rock airwaves; it's also one of the few not written by frontman Arthur Lee (who, after this album, would largely continue to release Love albums with a rotatin…

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