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Luna: Penthouse (1995)

Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips will be streaming a live performance Saturday night, which seemed like a good enough reason to circle back to Luna.

As noted previously, I instantly fell in love with the band's 1992 debut, Lunapark; and 1994's Bewitched, which saw them hitting the brakes and quieting down a bit, was no less great (particularly the wonderful single "California (All The Way)"). But it was on the third one that they really seemed to find their voice, Wareham no longer being that guy from Galaxie 500 but really establishing Luna as a band no less significant and a key player in the 90s indie scene alongside Pavement, Guided by Voices, Yo La Tengo et al.  Justin Harwood (ex-Chills) and Stan Demeski (ex-Feelies) are still onboard (Demeski would depart afterwards, Harwood a few albums later), and lead guitarist Sean Eden, who joined for Bewitched, is fully integrated.

The more frenetic side of Lunapark is largely left behind, replaced by a gauzy, mid-tempo dr…

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