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Waxahatchee, Out In The Storm (2017)

What, you've never heard of Waxahatchee?  Go play "Silver" (conveniently provided right there in the YouTube video and the Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page), then come back in a few minutes.
Done? Good.  Oh, wait, you want to go play it just one more time?  Cool, I'll chill...
You're back? Excellent.  

So, anyway, Waxahatchee is the indie rock band fronted by Katie Crutchfield, who started out in a band called P.S. Eliot with her twin sister Allison, who has also released a number of albums of her own, both solo and with a band called Swearin', and between the two of them there are like a dozen albums of indie guitar rock that intertwine shoegaze and dream pop and post-punk and that's probably more than you need to know but you should buy them all...

What matters is that Waxahatchee's 2017 album, their third (or fourth, depending which projects you include), turns a major corner; while the prior releases had a few standouts, this one is co…

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