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The Jesus and Mary Chain, Psychocandy (1985)

Back in my mid-80s college radio days (yes, you'll note the recurring theme here; not surprisingly, that's when a lot of my most enduring musical attachments were formed), there was something of a taste divide among the DJs.  Some of us (myself included) were particularly taken with the jangly pop bands arising in the wake of R.E.M. (and forerunners like the dB's) -- the Connells, the Reivers, Dumptruck, Winter Hours, etc.  Others were more into the thrashier hardcore bands, your Black Flags and Minor Threats and so on.

But occasionally an album would show up in the station that didn't fit into any buckets and was immediately embraced by everyone, the sort of thing that all the DJs insisted on playing on every radio shift for months.  This was one of them.  (The Pixies were a later example.)

Much like the Ramones had taken simple three-chord pop songs, dirtied up the lyrics and amped them up, creating a much-copied version of punk rock, the JMC took simple three-chord po…

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