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My Top 9 Most Emotionally Devastating Songs

Yeah, I like happy songs. I'm a sucker for chiming power pop and rave-up punk anthems.  But it's the sad songs that seen to make the biggest impression on me. I wrote an essay awhile back about the saddest song I know, though that was a left-field choice that owed more to how a particular piece of unlikely music affected me through the power of association. Here, I'd like to talk about some songs that, through the power of their lyrics, are musical gut-punches. The songs that invariably bring tears to my eyes and leave me emotionally devastated. I'm sure I could come up with more, but here are a few that have always hit me particularly hard. #9: Some Mother's Son (The Kinks) One of two anti-war songs on the list. And, sure, maybe that's low-hanging fruit; songs about war are almost by definition gonna be emotionally rough. But leave it to Ray Davies to make the universal personal. Part of the outstanding Arthur concept album, which offered a crash course in Br

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