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Robert Fripp: God Save The Queen (1980)

The Dream Syndicate: Out Of The Grey (1986)

Love & Rockets: Express (1986)

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell (1977)

East Of Venus: Memory Box (2016)

Helium: The Magic City (1997)

Elvis Costello: The Boy Named If (2022)

Mott The Hoople: S/T (1969)

Wire: The Ideal Copy (1987)

Forgotten Seventies (A Mix)

Eleventh Dream Day: Since Grazed (2021)

The Sails: S/T (2006)

The Who: Live At The Young Vic (1971)

Music From The New Millennium (A Mix: 2000-2021)

The Softies: Holiday in Rhode Island (2000)

The Beatles: Let It Be, Revisited (1970)

Ushering Out 2021: Some High Points