Best Coast, California Nights (2015)

Noise-pop duo Best Coast have been releasing shiny happy ear candy throughout the decade; all their releases are pretty solid, though I'm a little partial to their third (and most recent) full-length LP, California Nights, which adds a more polished sheen to their earlier lo-fi sound, making it more radio friendly without sacrificing their indie rock edge.

The band is an update of 50s Ronnie Spector/wall of sound girl group pop and early 90s fuzzy guitar female-fronted bands like the Primitives and the Darling Buds.  Vocalist Bethany Cosentino has a natural, inviting vocal style, comparable to Jenny Lewis, and it's well served by the album's big boomy production and relentlessly poppy guitar hooks.  The album is pretty solid across the board, but stand-outs include the jangly mid-tempo opener "Feeling OK," a sweet little anthem that will not leave your head for days, and straight-forward pop-rockers like "Fine Without You," "Heaven Sent," and "Fading Fast."

With summer approaching, this is the perfect accompaniment for a drive to the beach, windows down and wind in your hair.

Here's the "Feeling OK" video; try not to totally lose your shit:
And here's "In My Eyes":

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