The Dying Bird

Looks like we're close to the end for the hellscape that was Twitter. 

I largely ignored it for the first decade of its existence. But I became an active user in 2019, after retiring from my law practice. For all its uglier aspects, it was a fun place to connect with fellow music nerds, to hear about new records and maybe discover some old ones, and, yeah, to try to talk up the book I was writing. I still enjoy writing this little blog thing to scratch my musical evangelism itch, and Twitter is the only way I've found to share these posts. And I made a good number of online friends along the way. (Of course, I'd periodically get sucked into useless political discussions, and spent way too much time donning my old SEC hat and talking securities law, but it was always the music that kept it most engaging.)

Alas, it appears to be circling the drain. The nation's second most famous criminal narcissist is making it increasingly unconscionable through my engagement stats. From unleashing the scuzziest that MAGA and QAnon had to offer, to gleefully promoting actual Nazis, to creating a "First Amendment free for all" by suspending the account of every journalist who dared criticize his securities fraud-committing-ass... well, it's just too gross.

Still, I'd like to find ways to keep our little musical circle connected. I've set up accounts at Mastodon and Post.News; both sites are limited works-in-progress and I'm not sure they'll pan out, but for now you can find me there:


    Post.News: @marcfagel

Of course, I'll still be here on the ol' blog for now (hey, still got about 869 records left in my Top 1000). And I've got the main website. So for my Twitter friends, if I (or we) end up jumping ship, let's stay in touch.