My Top 1000 Songs #137: The Killing Moon

It's not easy to make a song that's genuinely spooky and kinda creepy, yet still melodic and infectious. But this Echo & The Bunnymen single from 1984 pulls it off. There's that dark vibe, comparable to what you might've heard a few years earlier from Joy Division or The Cure; a bit of the ol' goth, with the minor-key guitar jangle and horror movie piano, and of course those dark stranger lyrics. But it's also a huge-sounding epic, cutting loose into a beautiful hum-along chorus that makes for a winning new wave era anthem, haunting yet boomy. Singer Ian McCulloch out-Bonos Bono, emotional and operatic but controlled more than self-consciously flashy.
Live in '84:
And again in 2007:
Pavement, exposing their roots in 1999: