My Top 1000 Songs #135: There She Goes

There is absolutely no rational reason I should still love this song as much as I do. Consider:

  • Basic 3-chord pop song. Yeah, some nice chiming finger-picked guitars, but still, just a prettied up mid-60s Kinks song structurally.
  • Lyrics: Not much there, is there?
  • Oversaturation: Is it just me, or does it seem that this song has somehow ended up on nearly every soundtrack album ever?
  • The band: Basically a one-hit wonder from a band that managed a single LP (albeit a damn fine one, some late 80s Britpop that bridged mainstream pop and indie rock), with a legend that far outstrips their actual musical output.

Yes, somehow, it still works. If anyone were still making mixtapes, I think there'd be broad consensus that it fits well on pretty much every mixtape.

The power of pure, well-executed pop.

Live on Letterman: