The Best Of 2022: The Final (?) Mix

One more sign I'm the consummate music nerd: Every year, I still feel a warm tingle the moment I hit "burn" on my computer's CD-burning program and lock in my annual best-of mix. Spent yesterday culling my list down to 80 minutes. (As is my practice, the mix is largely upbeat, catchy numbers, a few ballads aside; while a later 2-CD deluxe edition will capture the mellower tunes and other tracks that just missed the cut for the highlights reel, plus hopefully some tunes I overlooked that I see on other critics' year-end lists.)

This year, the mix is mostly just an excuse for me to spend more time re-playing my two favorite songs of 2022: Momma's retro-90-alternative-rock showcase "Speeding 72" and Guerilla Toss' bracing Krautrock-gone-art-pop "Zum Herz." Plus 23 more fantastic tunes.

Here's a Spotify playlist; I've also uploaded the mp3 mix, which will be available to download for a short time.