My Top 1000 Songs #116: Metal Guru

Not long back, I went through a mental exercise (i.e. wasted some time writing about it here) of trying to think of the most attention-grabbing opening seconds of an album. And T.Rex's "Metal Guru" was near the top of the list. To paraphrase what I wrote there: "Aside from maybe 1971's Electric Warrior, I've always enjoyed T. Rex more as a singles act than as a purveyor of truly compelling LPs. Still, its 1972 follow-up got off to a brilliant start with the opening notes of 'Metal Guru,' in my view the band's finest song. The whole band erupts at the same time, a barrage of brass and thunder, with Marc Bolan chiming in with a riveting "Wah-ah-ah-yeah!"

Bolan wrote a lot of car songs; but this one truly demands being played on the road, volume up, windows down, wind blowing back the ol' 'fro. (Oh, how I long for the days when I had the hair of my namesake, albeit mine would never grow that long.)