The Best Of 2020 (So Far), Continued.

Time to update the 2020 Running List (see Spotify playlist below). Here are a few recent additions.

Bob Mould, "Siberian Butterfly" from Blue Hearts:

Surfer Blood, "Parkland (Into The Silence)" from Carefree Theatre:
Fleet Foxes, "Young Man's Game" from Shore:
Flaming Lips, "Flowers of Neptune 6" from American Head:
The Waterboys, "The Soul Singer" from Good Luck, Seeker:
The Old 97's, "Turn Off The TV" from Twelfth:
The Killers, "My Own Soul's Warning" from Imploding The Mirage:
Guided by Voices, "I Think I Had It" from Mirrored Aztec:
Jenny O., "God Knows Why" from New Truth: