Neil Young on Toppermost

I've picked my Top 10 Neil Young songs over on Toppermost. Ok, I cheated, I ended up needing two Top 10s (c'mon, the guy has over 40 studio albums, not to mention all the live albums and countless unreleased songs and other stray material). I stuck with the peak solo years (1969-1981), as well as his questionable Geffen era and return to greatness in the 90s (1982-2000), with just a brief nod to the last two decades (maybe I'll circle back to those another time). Check it out.

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  1. I just wanted to write to say I really enjoyed your piece on Neil on Toppermost. You really covered a lot of ground. He is truly one of the all time greats and is one of the few musicians I never seem to get tired of. That '69 to '79 run is really something and I love that he keeps on going even when the results fall short of his very high highs. You've made me want to also take a deep dive through his whole discography.

    1. It was fun taking a trip through his discography. I listen to the early stuff with some frequency, but don't pull out the post-70s work nearly as often. One of these days I need to make myself a mix of post-2000 highlights; the albums range from ok to dreadful, but there's still a good CD's worth of outstanding music.


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