Brian Eno: Another Green World (1975)

Though one of my favorite albums ever (easily Top 10, probably Top 5), and almost certainly the most-played album in my collection, I've held off on including it here, opting for other Eno masterpieces.

But it's been awhile since I've plugged my book. If you're someone who has randomly stumbled across this page and you haven't yet checked out my book, I wish you would. (And if you're the sort of person who goes online to read random record reviews, I'm pretty confident you'll enjoy it.) You can find it on Amazon, or read a few excerpts here on my home page.

So rather than write something new & pithy about Another Green World, I figured I'd just share the chapter from Jittery White Guy Music. Enjoy (I hope)! [Note that the formatting is pretty messed up in Blogger; apologies in advance for the shoddy layout in the excerpt below.]

(Yeah, maybe I went a bit overboard...)

Here's a video for "The Big Ship," one of the ambient pieces I wrote about: