My Top 1000 Songs #176: All The Way From Memphis

A second appearance by Mott the Hoople on the list, and proof positive that they didn't need to rely on Bowie to write a perfect radio-friendly single. From the barrelhouse piano opening the track to the honking sax solo at the end (courtesy of Roxy Music's Andy Mackay), this one checks a lot of the boxes for a 70s classic rock staple: a rock star road song tragedy (he lost his guitar in transit! it got smashed up!); and a booming anthemic chorus with the timeless bit of cathartic nonsense--It's a mighty long way down rock & roll! (With the truth-telling caveat, "you look like a star but you're still on the dole.")

A badly dated slur in the lyrics, sure. And the sax solo is a bit much (I tend to fade it early). But, still--it IS, in fact, a mighty long way down rock & roll.