Brian Eno: Music For Sleeping

As I've noted previously (and written about in my book), I've had chronic insomnia all my life. It kinda sucks. And I'm coming off a couple rough nights.

I previously shared my Music for Insomniacs mix. That mix includes a number of tracks from Brian Eno, whose sedate, ambient tracks are among my go-to selections when I need some music to either help me sleep or keep me relaxed when that's just not gonna happen. Today's mix, though, is exclusively Eno--both instrumental and vocal tracks ideal for letting your mind drift. The mix draws largely from 1975's Another Green World (one of my all-time faves) and the more downbeat half of 1977's Before and After Science, though I do include a few tracks from his other 70s work.

The playlist is below in case you, too, could use a bit of a late-night assist.