Inside Deep Note: Music of 1970's Adult Cinema (2003)

Picked this one up on a lark from Amazon awhile back, and while it's silly and almost certainly bogus, it also makes for some damn fine background music. It's ostensibly a collection of songs gathered from 70s porn flicks, so you've got the predictable assortment of funky bass and wah-wah guitars, silky soul, and slinky beats. The CD itself has no liner notes (just a random assortment of censored photos), so there's no way of telling if these are actually drawn from 70s porn or, more likely, created using cheap software to simulate the general aesthetic. A few track names include supposed movie titles (i.e. "Theme (From A Thousand And One Knights)"), but I didn't feel like looking them up and messing up my browser history, you know?

The music is interspersed with dialogue from porn flicks (again, no idea if it's real), which, as you can imagine, I edited out when I ripped this to my music library; not really interested in explaining to anyone around if one of those audio clips shows up during shuffle mode. (Of course, a number of the instrumental tracks still include a fair share of moaning, so it's still sorta NSFW even with the spoken word tracks omitted.)

Anyway, even if these are just some prefabricated music loops from some off-brand music mixing software, they're kinda fun, deliberately repetitive, ideal for background play while chilling out. Most rock that 70s dirty funk vibe that I happen to love, but there's also some surprising stylistic variety, while still loosely hewing to what you can imagine you might hear if you were to wander into some scuzzy Times Square porn house circa 1974. (This is just a guess; c'mon, I was 8 at the time.)

Check out "Greg's Groove Thing":

...and "Fuzzy Navel":
Not unsurprisingly, the damn thing doesn't stream, but someone has helpfully ripped it (including those dialog tracks) to YouTube. You can find it here.


  1. It definitely is real.i bought the " album" shortly after it was released...I remember reading a review in a magazine...I really can't remember what magazine, but ,no, it wasn't a porn magazine...a guy I worked with barrowed it because he thought it was a DVD...
    I guess he was disappointed...I have been looking for it online for a while because now I want to load it into my sampler to make some sweet 70s porn Thanks...

  2. I think by "real", it is meant to question whether these tracks are legitimately from porn films of the '70s. But it is fairly obvious by the productions quality, even if it is meant to sound of the era, that these recordings were made much more recently. I'm pretty sure that at least one of the bands here is Alex Puddu's group, a recording artist who specializes in reproducing sounds of this nature. I'm not sure whether he and his group are behind ALL of the recordings or not. The interspersed dialogue sounds more legit, but I have not been able to verify any of the listed film titles as real, and so the whole thing appears to be a pretty well orchestrated gag.


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