Music For Insomniacs (A Mix)

No album pick today, tied up with other things. But thought I'd share one of my favorite mixes instead.

I've had chronic insomnia all my life. Not surprisingly, I've often turned to music to help, either to (sometimes) lull me to sleep, or (more frequently) to give me some quiet comfort as I restlessly lie there staring at the ceiling.

My go-to is generally Brian Eno, both his instrumental ambient works and his quieter vocal work (particularly on Another Green World and side two of Before and After Science).  I wrote about this at length in my book, maybe you'll check it out some time?
Other artists I turn to include (early) Cure, Julee Cruise, Spiritualized, Luna, and Mazzy Star.

I first created a version of this mix back in the early 90s, so most of the songs here are from the 80s and early 90s (with a few more classic rock-oriented older tracks). I haven't found a lot of albums since that have worked their way into my insomnia rotation (with the exception of the Kingsbury Manx). But I'd love some suggestions for an updated mix.