Spiritualized, Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (1997)

A young reader from Cheboygan, Michigan, Little Joey, writes in to the blog:

"Dear Mister Writing-About-All-His-Dumb-Records Guy,

If you chewed up a bunch of 'shrooms and shrunk back into the sofa, large speakers on either side of you, as the entire cosmos opened up and soared through your soul casting your psyche deep into the void, what album would you want to hear bouncing off the walls simulating your journey through the universe, something that kicked off with an Elvis Presley-inspired round with competing choruses and cosmic beeping, alternating between gorgeous, orchestrated ethereal psychedelic gospel and raging electric post-Hawkwind noise drones, repeatedly ratcheting up the volume and intensity and backing down into relaxing grooves, perhaps the most headphone-friendly stoner album of the past few decades? Signed, Little Joey."

Well, Little Joey, funny you should ask.

Anyway, here's a video for "I Think I'm In Love" that should do the trick:

And here's a live take on the title track:
And that "Electrity" video: