Phish: More Covid Jams (2021)

Took a few weeks, but I've completed my mix of instrumental jams from Phish's 2021 return to touring after most of 2020 was canceled due to Covid. As with Volumes 1-2, previously shared here, I've winnowed the tour down to a handful of instrumental-only segments, ideal for vegging on the couch or as workday background music. (I'm in the midst of grading 18 student briefs for the law school course I'm teaching, which gave me the incentive to finish this project.) And, once again, it may be a way for folks who don't necessarily dig Phish to ease into their work.

Most of the jams are fairly upbeat--the tour had fewer of the quiet, spaced-out ambient jams to which I'm particularly partial--but I tried to vary the grooves from track to track. And it's all segued together for 80 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure per disc.

Here are some download links if you'd like to check it out (zipped folders of mp3 files); they'll expire in a few days, so dive in.

Volume 3

Volume 4