The Hanging Stars: Over The Silvery Lake (2016)

This London band somehow makes some of the finest cosmic Americana of recent years. Silvery Lake is their excellent debut (they've since released two fine follow-ups), joining bands like Beachwood Sparks and Rose City Band in blending Byrdsy late-60s country rock twang with shades of psychedelia as well as hints of Paisley Underground/Elephant 6-styled retro pop. The music is laid back, just catchy enough to keep you hooked, with lovely harmonies.

Opening track "Floodbound" sets the stage, coming across like an astounding forgotten track from the Notorious Byrd Brothers (or maybe something from one of Pink Floyd's early 70s psych-folk soundtracks). I'm a sucker for the almost Teenage Fanclub-like shimmering pop harmonies of "Golden Vanity"; while the haunting "House on the Hill" falls somewhere between the Long Ryders and a classic circa-68 psychedelic Nuggets tune. They lean a little more heavily on post-Gram Parsons country twang on tunes like "Cure Your Ills" and "Ruby Red," still firmly tethered to gorgeous psych-tinged pop jangle. (How are these guys not American? Crazy.) Honestly, it's pretty terrific throughout, one of my favorites of the past decade. 

Buy it on Bandcamp.

Here's the video for "Golden Vanity":

...and "Floodbound":
"I'm No Good Without You" live:



  1. How have I never heard these guys before? Thank you so much for sharing. Touches of The Clientele and Shack as well to my ears. Lovely stuff!


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