Famous Groupies: The Furry White Album (2020)

I'm new to this band, which, at least per their webpage, appears to be the work of a Scottish singer/songwriter named Kirkcaldy McKenzie and various friends & family members, performing songs ostensibly written decades ago by McKenzie's grandfather. Hard to say how much of the bio is just tongue-in-cheek, but regardless, the music is pretty damn delightful, and they've instantly become a favorite of mine.

The band name presumably derives from the Paul McCartney & Wings song, and it pretty much gives up the game--their 4 albums, and this one in particular, are pure McCartney homage/pastiche. It's endearing 70s-styled pop, ridiculously tuneful and lighthearted, unpretentious piano and guitar-driven baroque pop, dripping with charm. The songs conjure not just Sir Paul, but other like-minded artists ranging from Emitt Rhodes to Beagle Hat to the Dukes of Stratosphear. Some of the hooks are pulled straight out of the McCartney catalog: opener "One Trick Pony" recalls "Getting Closer," "Bombs Away" cribs from "Mrs. Vanderbilt," "Big Bam Wigwam" borrows the "Helen Wheels" riff, and so on. So, yeah, you can have a lot of fun just playing spot-the-influence; but the album is great fun even if you're less intimately familiar with every Wings deep cut.

Trust me, you're gonna love it. You can find it on Bandcamp.

"Bombs Away" lyrics video (or watch the video on their home page):

"The Harmony Of Love" video:
"Little Bird" lyrics video:
"One Trick Pony" audio rip:
"Penny Doesn't Live Here Anymore" lyrics video: