2020 Year In Review: First Stab


Sure, we've still got another month to go in the shitshow that was 2020, but it's never too soon to get a head start on my year-end mix. I've got a pretty hefty running list I've been keeping all year up on Spotify, but figured I'd burn myself a preliminary CD of favorites, a little something to play in the car until I get around to burning my final 2-CD mix in January (once I've had a chance to sift through some late releases and suggestions from various publications' year-end lists).

On the abridged single-CD version, I tend to lean towards the poppier, more upbeat tracks, so some great but more downbeat tunes are being held in reserve for the final deluxe version.

If you're interested, I've got my playlists for every year since 1966 up on my home page. Enjoy!