Black Nasty: Talking To The People (1973)

As noted previously, and as should be obvious from the name of this blog (as well as the like-titled book I keep hawking here), I've been (not unfairly) accused of having very "white" taste in music. Not much I can say about that; I've just never been a big fan of soul or R&B (obvious outliers like Prince or Sly aside). The one exception is early 70s funk; it's a subgenre I've always loved.

Here's an obscure nugget that's a personal fave, a one-off from a short-lived Detroit band. While it's got those 70s funk touchstones, the spine-tingling basslines and call-and-response anthemic vocals, there's a lot of rock and psychedelia here as well, plenty of Hendrix guitar jams and garage band keyboards. So you've got Sly/Funkadelic proclamations like the opening title track and "Getting Funky 'Round Here," as well as straight 60s-styled R&B-tinged rockers like the Steve Miller Band-esque "It's Not The World" and psychedelic jams like the instrumental "We're Doin' Our Thing." Plus a few slower, easy-listening soul numbers (sung by the band's female co-vocalist) that break things up a bit.

Fun stuff, worth a spin if you need the occasional funk infusion for your rock collection and you've worn out your Funkadelic and Isaac Hayes records.

Here's an audio rip of "Getting Funky":
...and the title track:


  1. Humanfund here. Looks like you uploaded the same song twice.

    Or is it just that most funk sounds the same anyway...


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