Any Trouble: Where Are All The Nice Girls? (1980)

Pretty tied up today working an election protection hotline -- please VOTE!!! -- so just a quick note.

Any Trouble were an on-again, off-again UK band that recorded a half-dozen or so albums over the years, mostly new-wave pop with some blue-eyed R&B strains. I've always been surprised that their 1980 debut didn't get more traction. It fits in squarely with the first couple Joe Jackson albums, maybe some early Elvis Costello and bursts of Nick Lowe and Squeeze. Loads of great songs, bouncy pop with catchy hooks and the occasional ska or soul flourish; maybe lacking the killer single like "Is She Really Going Out With Him" or "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes," but impossible not to like. There was plenty of great material on later work as well, right up through 2015's endearing reunion effort Present Tense, but you can't go wrong checking this one out.

Here's the video for "Second Choice":

And "Get You Off The Hook":


  1. Love this album. More people
    should know about it.

  2. I heard "Wrong End of the Race" which features downtempo versions of many of these tunes. Since it was my first, it was my favorite. Check out "Playing Bogart." Sappy and sad.

    1. I really like that collection. While the early versions were fun in a power pop/new wave way, the Wrong End is probably a more durable, less of-its-moment record. Sounds great.


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