The Lovetones: Dimensions (2009)

The Lovetones are a wonderful little Australian psychedelic pop band that have been quietly kicking around for the past two decades, releasing a number of records in the oughts, and then returning last year with their first album in a decade. Their music is lovely, melodic, and often haunting. Think late 60s UK psychedelia (Zombies, pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd, Kaleidoscope), with plenty of Byrdsy jangle and a Paisley Underground updating. (See also Green Pajamas.)

Dimensions is a personal favorite, maybe not a lot of stand-out pop songs (the band's other albums are generally more upbeat and poppy) but creating an enchanting, melancholy mood throughout. After a trippy, psychedelic instrumental opener, "Journeyman" is a beautiful tune, shades of Britpop and the Moody Blues, just a real delight. "A New Low In Getting High" is another great song, jangly guitars and haunting melodies, while "Love And Redemption" is pure Byrdsy pop. Much of the rest is pretty somber, minor-key mood pieces that float by, but it makes for a gently engaging, headphone-friendly experience if you feel like kicking back for a bit.

Here's an audio rip of "A New Low":

...and a live take on "Journeyman":