My Top 1000 Songs #642: Electra

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Yes, I'm still evangelizing one of the finest, most unjustly overlooked bands of the 80s/90s. Austin's Reivers offered country-tinged jangle pop highlighted by the shared vocals of Kim Longacre and John Croslin. Those vocals got a chance to really sparkle on "Electra," a relatively stripped-down track off their terrific second LP, 1987's Saturday. It's an airy production, an acoustic guitar and subtle rhythm section, mostly Kim and John echoing off the studio walls--just gorgeous. (An earlier version, appended as a bonus track on a CD reissue of their 1985 debut, has a busier sound, a little more typical of their jangly, rocking style--though it's still plenty pretty.)
Alternate take:
Live 1991: