My Top 1000 Songs #641: Beyond The Pale

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There are certainly more immediate, infectious Big Audio Dynamite tracks--some called out previously, some not. But "Beyond The Pale," off the band's 1986 sophomore LP, No. 10, Upping St., which saw BAD frontman Mick Jones briefly reunited with former Clash partner Joe Strummer, always had personal resonance for me.

It's an ode to Jones' immigrant grandparents--who, like my own ancestors, fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe. At a time of anti-immigrant xenophobia here in the US and in Europe, Jones' reminder that "immigration built the nation" remains timely and poignant.

"Crossing all the borders, through the smoke of war and rain. Papers out of order on a military train. A coat, a bag, a baby; status, refugee. These are the people of my family."

Plus, that electronic drumbeat introduction is ridiculous.

Trump supporters, fuck right off.

Slideshow with (slightly altered) lyrics:
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