My Top 1000 Songs #649: Swords Of A Thousand Men

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Ok, fine, it's kind of a novelty song... but there are plenty of great novelty songs. No shame in that! Long-running British punk/new wave act Tenpole Tudor didn't get much traction here in the US, but their 1981 debut Eddie, Old Bob, Dick And Gary is a surprisingly solid record, catchy crowd-pleasing romps that make you want to shout along, not dissimilar to Adam & The Ants or Generation X.

"Swords Of A Thousand Men" is particularly noteworthy, a well-designed little anthem that can't fail to rouse your attention. (Kind of a counterpart to the Ants' "Stand And Deliver" from the same year.) It's got the shout-along rally and marching band percussion and the fun call-to-arms lyrics, but also a ridiculously infectious hook that burrows into your head. Case in point: I think I heard this once or twice in high school, maybe saw the video one night, and then totally forgot about it. A few years later, I wrote a song for my college band which I thought was pretty good... and only realized later I had essentially re-written "Swords Of A Thousand Men." Sorry 'bout that, boys.

Top Of The Pops 1981:
Live 1995:
Fun cover from all-girl punk cover act The Sex Pissed Dolls: