My Top 1000 Songs #623: Look For The Good In Others...

Full title (bit of a mouthful): "Look For The Good In Others And They'll See The Good In You"--a deep cut on New Zealand band The Chills' 1987 full-length debut, Brave Words. (BTW, the album got a well-deserved remaster/reissue last year.) The band took the slightly askew, slightly psychedelic, often entrancing indie pop of their earlier singles and EPs and infused it with untamed punk fury, resulting in an energetic, fast-paced anthem that demands volume & undivided attention but never loses sight of its sing-along hookiness. The guitar/organ combo gives it a 60s garage band vibe, with that distinctively tell-tale blend of 60s psych rock and jangly post-punk of the Flying Nun stable.

It's a great windows-down car song, flying down the highway and shouting along with the radio.
Live 1991: