Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (This Bloggy Thing, That Is)

Going through the usual existential back-and-forth internal ruminations whether to continue on with this thing...

I started up this blog a few years back as a personal writing exercise. Blogs were already relegated to the not-so-distant past, embarrassingly passé, the public proclamation "I have a blog" a mortifying fore-runner of "Hey, I have a podcast!" To the extent a few soldiered on, the last thing the universe needed was another half-assed music blog. 

But I was writing a book at the time, and spending 10-20 minutes each morning writing about a random album in my collection was a way to get my brain into writing mode. And once I completed and self-published the book, it was a way to have some sort of minimal online presence, which contributed to the massive sales of fives or even tens of copies of Jittery White Guy Music. (Please check it out and tell a friend!)

I managed to post an album write-up almost every day for a few years. Nowadays, I'll go through brief writing spurts, inspired by a few records that surprised me when they popped up on shuffle play on my home stereo, and then get distracted for a few days. There'll be some amazing, unknown album I absolutely need to share with the handful of folks who drop by; and then the country's latest mass shooting happens in my own hometown, a bloodbath on the street where I hung out all through high school, family members of people I grew up with needlessly slaughtered, on the friggin' Fourth of July no less, and it's hard not to want to just disappear from the world.

So I dunno. I suppose I'll keep at it now and then, for the time being. I'm mostly retired with time on my hands; though I'll be teaching (at Stanford Law School) again starting this fall and we'll see if that gets in the way.

Anyway, there's a new/old Neil Young album that just popped up today, so...


  1. I really hope you do keep going. I come to your blog most days, and love hearing about new and old albums that I’ve never heard, or your take on old faves. Loving Jimmy Silva and I’d have never heard it without your blog. Cheers Chris

  2. Hey Marc, I just wanted to say that I hope you keep doing this blog as long as you enjoy it. I check it out all the time and always walk away with a new recommendation or enjoy reading another perspective on an album I already know. I really have to thank you again for all of the great music you've turned me on to over the years.

  3. I enjoy your blog and would love to see you keep it up as long as it interests you. My dad had an eclectic music collection and seeing what pops up on your blog reminds me of him. It provides a needed distraction from current events. Thank you!

  4. Still reading it every day - although often a few weeks late. Thank you for bringing new music and keen insights into my world!


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