Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)

While doing some traveling, I've been leafing through some e-books I happen to have stashed on my iPad. Found a book on the making of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon which, while nothing special (seems mostly culled from magazine articles, with little info not already known to any Floyd aficionado), did inspire me to put on some headphones and spend a solid 40 minutes revisiting an old fave which I haven't pulled out in quite a while.

I was surprised to see I've never posted the record in this space. Which I guess makes sense; what more needs to be said? Nothing. But while it's an album I've listened to a billion times since the obligatory high school Pink Floyd phase every adolescent is required to undergo, it's still... well, just shockingly perfect. 40 minutes well spent. If you're tired of the old chestnut and have cast it aside, find yourself some quiet time, slip on the headphones, and damn, still the consummate music listening experience.