Silver Synthetic: S/T (2021)

Here's another one of my favorite releases from the past year. Though hailing from New Orleans, Silver Synthetic's debut sounds straight outta SoCal, blending cosmic Americana and beach pop and smooth (dare I say yacht rocky?) 70s vibes into a jangly, ethereal delight. Think Beachwood Sparks (or, more so, their related act The Tyde). It's light and mellow in all the best ways, music for a leisurely drive in your convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway. It's a breezy, compact half hour of mid-tempo music that hangs together well, maybe no particularly bold numbers that break from the overall pack, though "Some Of What You Want" and "Unchain Your Heart" in particular rock a nice, surfy jangle-pop sound.

Crack open the windows, let the breeze in, and kick back. Buy it on Bandcamp.

Here's "Unchain":

...and "In The Beginning":


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