The 500... No, Make It 900 Greatest Songs Of All Time

Yeah, so Rolling Stone went and released their latest take on the 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time last week. And, meh, whatever; I've only skimmed it, and it's the usual predictable bits, a few worth surprises, and a deliberate attempt at being all-inclusive that's commendable but locks out a whole lot of rock & roll.

I tried my hand at a Top 500 about five years ago, and I finally got around to updating the damn thing. I made it into a Top 900 (I figured I should leave some room to make it a proper 1000 when I've got some more time on my hands), added some more recent tracks from the intervening years, and rounded it out with some omissions from the prior go-round.

Next I'll need to update my Spotify Playlists I made for my Top 500 to match the new list, but, hey, only so many hours in the day.

Postscript: Here's a playlist with the top 100:


  1. Great list. I think I’d have about an 80% overlap with you in what I’d put in my list


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