The Asteroid #4: An Amazing Dream (2008)

As the name suggests, The Asteroid #4 (or, on more recent releases, The Asteroid No. 4) play spaced-out stoner rock. They've got a good number of albums out there to choose from, ranging from Barrett-era Pink Floyd whimsical psychedelic pop to dronier explorations that call to mind Hawkwind or Wooden Shjips to noisier shoegaze (or, the case of the 2003's outlier Honeyspot, cosmic Americana). My favorite is this one from 2008, a pretty great introduction to an unjustly overlooked band (though, really, a lot of their records are pretty terrific).

While Amazing Dream has plenty of headphone-friendly rocket ships into deep space, it's also got a bit more of a retro-60s, Paisley Underground pop vibe which makes it particularly enjoyable -- shades of Rain Parade and Opal/Mazzy Star, not to mention Spiritualized. Hell, it's downright jangly in spots, but without losing that psychedelic drony edge that pervades their catalog. Opener "Take Me Down" kicks off with some buzzy noodling before sliding into some a catchy groove, almost like the Stone Roses, while "Here We Go" is upbeat, infectious, joyful Rain Parade-like retro-garage music. "Ask Me About Pittsburgh" and "To Be In Your Eyes" are likewise deliriously chipper tunes, almost Britpop but with that trippy undercurrent; and "Shoot Out The Stars" is all Mazzy Star-like haziness. 

Pretty fantastic from start to finish, whether you want to zone out with some headphones or crank it up and relish the psyche-pop hooks. Buy it at Bandcamp.

Here's an audio rip of "Here We Go":
...and "To Be In Your Eyes":
Here's a live "Ask Me About Pittsburgh":