Now That's What I Call Power Pop!

No album pick today, but figured I'd share a current in-progress playlist. I've got tons of power pop in my music collection--not just artists' proper albums, but a lot of compilations gathering together material from lesser-known bands (i.e. the long-running, annual International Pop Overthrow collections). The playlist, at least at the moment, is drawn primarily from the original albums, not from the collections, but at some point I'll add to this (or make a bonus list).

A few gaps in Spotify (most notably the Odds' spectacular "Someone Who's Cool," one of the definitive songs of the genre IMHO), but it gets the job done -- about 2 1/2 hours of chiming guitars, hummable choruses, simple chord structures, bubblegum harmonies, etc..

BTW, if you're not Spotify-averse for moral reasons, I've been updating the collection of personal playlists over on the website; feel free to dive in.


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