My Top 1000 Songs #300: Everything Merges With The Night

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Yes, we're heading back to the well, with yet another pick off the album that's made more of an impact on my life than nearly any other, Brian Eno's Another Green World. Trying to be selective with my choices, but "Everything Merges With The Night" is such a remarkable beauty I couldn't resist. (Plus, hey, its sedate, ethereal nature makes such a great contrast with yesterday's raging Hüsker Dü selection.)

The 1975 album is divided between gentle vocal tracks and ambient instrumental pieces; "Everything Merges" sort of splits the difference--there's a lovely vocal performance from Eno, but the song feels as much a part of the atmospheric tapestry as the ambient tracks. The song is perfect for evening twilight, washes of piano and gently strummed acoustic guitar and moog gently ushering away the remaining glimpses of daylight, the stars emerging from the darkness. 

"I've been waiting all evening. Possibly years, I don't know. Counting the passing hours, everything merges with the night."
Set to video:
I don't know who these people are, but every party should end with a performance of this song!
Indeed, lots of cover versions floating around YouTube. Another one: