New Releases: Bonny Doon

It's been about five years since their last one, so seeing a new release from Bonny Doon this week was a welcome surprise. Let There Be Music, as the title suggests, filters a lot of Brian Wilson-inspired sunshine pop into the band's jangly lo-fi bedroom pop. It's all very unpretentious and laid back, some quiet 70s vibes to kick back on a sunny afternoon. They veer into more chipper mid-tempo territory on the buoyant "Crooked Creek," while the title track is light & fluffy retro-Beach Boys pop; but for the most part, this is gentle stuff to waft over you as the breeze blows through your hair. (Well, given my middle-age hair loss, I'm just speculating on that last bit.)

See also: Real Estate, Ultimate Painting.

Buy it on Bandcamp.