Bonny Doon: Longwave (2018)

After a bit of rummaging through the past, figured I was due to cleanse my palate with another new-ish one.  2018's Longwave was the second full-length from Detroit's Bonny Doon, and it's a lovely little nugget, some pastoral, largely acoustic folk-pop Americana.  It's another Sunday morning album, a little quiet something to cue up as you ease through a cup of coffee and the Sunday Times.  (Well, that's my routine; yours may differ.) Shades of 70s singer-songwriter music blended with more recent bands like Kingsbury Manx.

A few of the songs are sweetly tuneful with catchy hooks: "A Lotta Things" is terrific, one of my favorite tracks of recent years; "Take Me Away" and "Try To Be" are similarly infectious, slow and gentle but with a hint of jangly pop.  Others are more lethargic, like the ambling "Saw A Light" (a bit of an updating on the Stones' "Wild Horses"), hypnotic and soothing.  But mostly this blends into a nice package, songs flowing into one another to provide a pleasant sonic backdrop. 

Definitely worth checking out if you need something to help you relax but not put you to sleep.  Find it at Bandcamp.

Here's the video for the splendid "Lotta Things":
And here's a live take on "Try To Be":