My Top 1000 Songs #306: Portions For Foxes

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Rilo Kiley's third full-length release, 2003's More Adventurous, was their major-label debut, offering a bit more gloss to their mix of Americana-tinged, singer-songwriter gentle pop. "Portions For Foxes" in particular evinces that polish, a rousing upbeat pop song full of shimmering treble that still retains the band's forthright lyrical edge. With no small debt to Liz Phair, Jenny Lewis takes an unabashed look at the ill-considered friends-with-benefits motif. "The talking leads to touching, and the touching leads to sex. And then there is no mystery left."

It's pointed and poignant, while soaring along on a sing-along hook.

Live on Conan 2004:
Jenny Lewis & Blake Sennett, live 2015: