The Yum Yums: Blame It On The Boogie (2002)

Hot, sunny summer days, long weekend... yeah, definitely power pop weather. Norway's Yum Yums, sounding a lot more California than Norway, are on the power side of the power pop equation, emphasis on the upbeat, frenetic guitar blasts, though with the bubblegum hooks still shining through.

They've been at it for more than two decades--their latest release is coming out later this month (and already available on Spotify)--and their work is ridiculously consistent. I may have a slight preference for this, their second full-length, but you can pretty much spin up anything they've recorded at random and know what you're in for -- big hooks, lotsa treble, songs about girls and cars and sunshine, harmonies swooping in at the chorus. Maybe not quite the distinctive lyrics and melodies of, say, Teenage Fanclub or Fountains of Wayne, but if you're a power pop fan, you'll get exactly what you came for, with a higher hook quotient than most.

You can preorder their new one (For Those About To Pop!) over at Bandcamp.

Here's an audio rip of "Here Comes Summer":
...and "I Hate You":
Here's a live "Come On Come On":
...and a live "Your Biggest Fan":