Camera Obscura: Let's Get Out Of This Country (2006)

Well, sure, another week in Trump's America makes the title of this album feel all that much more enticing... but, no, nothing political here, just a joyously lovely little record soaked in summertime sunshine and early evening sunsets.

Scottish band Camera Obscura released a few albums in the aughts (their most recent coming in 2013), and they're all perfectly sweet. Somewhat twee European pop, akin to Belle & Sebastian (whose leader produced their debut) or maybe a far more chipper Smiths, all elevated by Tracyanne Campbell's buoyant, chanteuse-esque vocals. 

Country, their third release, is probably my favorite, a nice mix of mellow, jazz-tinged sweetness and a more effervescent upbeat classic pop sound. In the latter category is the delightful title track, opener "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken," and "If Looks Could Kill," a terrific blend of Motown beats and British 60s mod-pop. And while those chipper tunes grab your attention, the quieter numbers are lush and engaging without drifting too far into lounge music territory.

Here's the title track:
Here's "Lloyd":
...and "If Looks Could Kill":