Explorers Club: Freedom Wind (2008)

I've probably got a whole sub-section of my music library dedicated to "bands who really, really like Brian Wilson" -- the Wondermints, Linus of Hollywood, the High Llamas, etc. One of the most unabashedly Wilsonesque would be the Explorers Club, basically South Carolina songwriter Jason Brewer and various shifting bandmates. Their 2008 debut gives up the game right out of the gate, from the faux-Beach Boys cover design (faded LP outline and all) to the marvelous opening track "Forever" (not a cover of the Dennis Wilson-penned tune), which, naturally, opens with the Ronettes' telltale "Be My Baby" drumbeat before the soaring harmonies kick in.

Not much to say about these guys -- if you like Beach Boys-styled sunshine pop with just enough of a contemporary power pop sheen to keep it fresh, you'll love this. The songs don't necessarily break any new ground, but it's a gleeful 35 minutes of sun-kissed bliss.

They've released a few albums since, which perhaps hew a little less closely to the Wilson blueprint but remain in the same ballpark. This year they released two new albums, an eponymous album of originals and a collection of 60s covers; you can buy them at Bandcamp. (I haven't absorbed them yet myself, but even a quick preview confirms they're gonna be terrific.)

Here's the video for "Do You Love Me?"
...and "Don't Forget The Sun":
Here's a live take on "Forever":


  1. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard them before. The covers album is particularly good!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. There are a lot of bands out there who have a similar Brian Wilson affinity, but these guys are particularly enjoyable.


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