The Copyright Infringement Mix

No time today for an album pick of the day, so I'm sharing an old mix. This one pairs songs that resulted in actual or threatened litigation for copyright infringement (though I tacked a few on at the end that surprisingly did not). The mix/playlist includes songs allegedly (or arguably) borrowing a little too heavily from another song; I did not include examples of unauthorized sampling, which is a different animal entirely.

I think there's a good debate to be had here on whether the courts have been too aggressive in finding infringement (i.e. the Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"); more recently, there has been some pushback (i.e. "Stairway to Heaven" surviving a challenge on behalf of Spirit's "Taurus"). Personally, given the limits of rock and roll, I think there is always going to be some borrowing of what's come before, and there needs to be some room for artists to re-purpose previously-used motifs, absent outright duplication. 

The playlist below begins with the alleged violator, followed by the "original" track. Judge for yourself! 

Any further suggestions? Let me know.


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