Seventies Pop Thing: A Mix

I was sad to read yesterday of the passing of Emitt Rhodes, an early pop pioneer who had a few 60s singles with his original band the Merry-Go-Round, followed by several largely overlooked albums in the early 70s that found him comfortably mining post-Beatles Paul McCartney territory. (He then disappeared into obscurity for decades, emerging in 2016 with a surprisingly decent album of low-key adult-oriented pop music.)

Anyway, figured I'd put together a brief mix of early 70s like-minded pop music, from the purveyors of an early iteration of what would evolve into an established power pop genre later in the decade. As always, suggestion for additional tracks are appreciated.


Big Star:


  1. Humanfund here. The 2nd Rundgren song is great, reminded me of the post-Cale Velvets. How about "Head Held High" from Loaded?

    Or, my vote for the ur-power pop track: Cream's "Badge," especially the descending chord progression in the middle.

    1. Loaded is pretty poppy throughout, though I still think of it as a Velvet Underground record, harder to square it with the sweetness of power pop. I do love "Badge" -- that and "Let It Rain" are my two favorite (and most poppy) Clapton songs, aside from the Layla album; I always wished he had more songs like those.


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